First off, I would like you to know that I am mom of two teenagers and I totally get what you are going through!

Parenting really is the hardest job you will ever have! I find the most challenging part is the communication block between the child and their parents.

Children spend their early years blaming everything that happens on themselves (just like you did!) and that impacts their level of self-worth and happiness. The shame and regret that arises prevents them from talking about it, especially with you! If whatever happened continues to bother them and they do not gain the necessary awareness to process it and take applicable action, it will have a permanent impact on their self-esteem and quality of their life.

What I have found time and time again is that teens feeling insecure/anxious/hopeless have a really strong inner judge and a few troublesome events that took place that are still bothering them. This means, in general, it only takes a few weeks to achieve profound results!

I will help your teen understand how their mind and emotions work, identify specific triggers and patterns in their life, then develop customized activities to help them remove them. From there we will take a closer look at who they really are, what they really need to be happy and how they are going to make it happen!

If there is anything still bothering them from their past, I’ll show them how to come to peace with it.

What to Expect Working With Me:

I am very empathetic & skilled at building rapport

The sessions are confidential so they feel safe opening up

Casual environment (not clinical)

Fun and interesting to enhance their attention and motivation


Schedule your free Introductory Call today so we can have a quick chat and decide if working together is a good fit!

Please note: even if you decide we are a fit, I will need to speak with your teen before scheduling a session to ensure they are interested in working with me. The only way they will change is if they want to. Determining fit is critical so I take extra time upfront to make sure it’s there.

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