Have you read the books and listened to podcasts yet nothing has worked for you?

Does everyday seem like groundhog day?

Do people and/or circumstances in your life trigger you?

Do you constantly worry about what other people think and strive to be perfect?

Are there events from your past still haunting you?

Do you find yourself zoning out, turning to unhealthy distractors to feel better?

If so, you are in the right place!

I will help you understand how your mind and emotions work, identify specific triggers and patterns in your life, then develop customized activities to help you remove them. From there we will take a closer look at who you really are, what you really need to be happy and how you are going to make it happen! If there is anything still bothering you from your past, I’ll show you how to come to peace with it.

The added bonus to doing this work on yourself is that one you change, you will be able to teach your children, partner, family and friends to do the same! What you will see is that a lot of what bothers you today started with meanings you created as a child. This is critical information every parent needs to know to help prevent the same from happening to their children!

What to Expect Working With Me:

I say it how it is, no beating around the bush!

Logical and Practical approach

Casual environment (not clinical)

Issue identification and removal

Clarity, strategy, action

Open to provide insight on any aspect of life


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